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#18 Precision/Flatliner Brush

Two cosmetic brushes in one, this essential tool effortlessly delivers a clean eyeliner finish. A  double ended brush with one end ergonomic shaped, the other side a flat eyeliner brush but don’t let the size fool you, this perfect definer brush that goes the distance, custom designed to help perfectly apply liquids, gels or powder liners.
You’ve never seen a brush quite like this—its uniquely designed to give you all the control in the world. Designed for user-friendly and on-the-go application, these straightforward brush heads are made of high-quality bristles for soft and bold, day-to-evening looks.

SST Professional Brushes are made with the highest-quality combination of real & synthetic bristles. The tapered, long design artistry handles help offer ultimate control in makeup application to help you create any makeup look you desire.


  • This tapered brush is ideal for applying with precision  lining and creating very thin liner with control
  • The natural fibers are ideal for applying many textures
  • A small, but versatile brush for lining and defining eyes.
  • This bent Eyeliner brush with it’s ergonomic shape designed to help perfectly apply liners and special detailing.
  • Its unique shape helps you apply gel or cream liners with all the control of a pro.
  • Work cream or liquid liner into the ultra-thin tapered fibers for best results and the most precise application. Apply liner along the lash line with ease using these extremely tapered brush ends.
  • Use the flat side to create wide lines.
  • Use the side and tip of the brush to create thin lines.
  • Can be used for any detailed line work on the face and body
  • Its unique shape helps you apply gel or cream liners with all the control of a pro.


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