Mini Travel 8 Pc Brush Set


Makeup Travel Brush Sets, 8 Pcs Makeup Brushes-Synthetic , Wooden Handle, Soft bristles Makeup Brush Kit in a faux leather travel Makeup Bag

8 Pcs travel Brush Set
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  • VERSATILE MAKEUP BRUSH SET: This 8PCS makeup brush set, is a must-have for the person who’s on the move, the perfect travel set.
  • MAKEUP BRUSH KIT: Small flat oblique brush, Small fan-shaped brush, Curved eye shadow brush, Oval eye shadow brush, Long eye shadow, Angled. Each brush serve a specific makeup purpose.
  • MAKEUP BRUSH Material: Wooden Handles, synthetic fiber hair, soft and silky to the touch, the brushes are dense and shaped well.
  • VERSATILE BRUSH SET: With makeup bag, easy to carry, saves space when you travel. It is perfect for both beginners and the pro.
  • IDEAL FOR GIFT: This beautiful travel makeup brush set is perfect for you, your mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter, friend or anyone who loves makeup as a gift.

Wooden Handles, synthetic fiber hair

  1. Powder brush: Take an appropriate amount of loose powder or pressed powder, and evenly sweep the entire face to easily complete the makeup setting.
  2. Blush Brush: The bristle of blush brush is long and soft, which can create a natural look without destroying the base makeup.
  3. Concealer brush: The design of the brush head is moderate in hardness, and the tip of the brush head is accurately applied. The inner corners of the eyes and around the nose can also be easily concealed.
  4. Smudge Brush: It is used as a base for eyeshadow, helping to make a flawless base makeup of eyeshadow.
  5. Eyeshadow brush: The bristles are soft and moderate, used to create various eye shadow makeup, and can also express the layering of the color of the eye makeup.
  6. Eyeliner brush: The extremely fine brush head makes it easier to brush out a slender and natural eyeliner, making eye makeup more delicate.
  7. Mascara Brush: Spiral design, suitable for combing and cleaning eyebrows and eyelashes
  8. Lip brush: Dip the lipstick and apply evenly on the lips from the inside to the outside to make the lips fuller and clearer, diminish the lip wrinkles, and help you easily create the desired effect.


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